Sunday Worship

Audio message of  Sunday 28/05/2017

Summary of Sunday message 18/06/2017

Subject: The superior dimension of our fight
Preacher: Pastor Kwesi GUNN
Basic Bible Verses: Genesis 32, 24-30

Genesis 32, 24-30: "24 Jacob remained alone. Then a man fought with him until the rising of the dawn. 25 Seeing that he could not defeat him, the man struck him at the socket of his hip; And the socket of Jacob's hip dropped as he struggled with him. 26 He said, "Let me go, for the dawn rises." And Jacob answered, I will not let thee go, but thou hast blessed me. 27 And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob. 28 And he said, Thy name shall not be Jacob, but thou shalt be called Israel; For you have fought with God and with men, and you have been victorious. 29 And Jacob asked him, saying, "Pray let me know your name." And he said, Why askest thou my name? And he blessed it there. 30 Jacob called this place by the name of Peniel: for, he said, I saw God face to face, and my soul was saved. "
Everyone is already in a fight. It is often said that life is a struggle. We live in a difficult time. But, there is a fight that can protect us from all evil. Jacob was a combat man who fought for so long that when he went to Egypt he described his life to Pharaoh as a combat life. Before Jacob left his uncle, he fought. He also suffered injustice during his fight. He was obliged to flee his uncle. His uncle had cheated him by changing his salary several times. Being a fighting man, he persevered until he returned to his father's house.
Before returning, Jacob was seized with fear and trembling. He was afraid of the attack of his brother Esau, of whom he had usurped the blessing. Esau was also blessed. However, all that Jacob had amassed seemed to him threatened. He sought to negotiate from afar, to give gifts to his brother. He had even divided his convoy into two groups. He told himself that if Esau were to attack a group, he would see what to do with the other. Eventually, everyone was gone and Jacob was left alone. He found himself alone with an angel. The higher dimension of our struggle is not a fight with a man or with the devil but with God. We are face to face with God.
In this world, how many people engage in fighting, between men or fighting against satan? This is good because the Bible asks us to fight. Our greatest struggle is with God. However, we often miss the target.
Jesus Christ, our model, had fought a great battle against the devil and won the victory. But the greatest struggle of the Lord Jesus was that he delivered into the garden of Gethsemane. It was so big that his sweat had become like blood, which was not the case when he had struggled against satan. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus spoke or argued with his father.
Returning to the case of Jacob, he struggled against an angel, who was not Satan, but an angel of God.
There is an attitude to adopt. We must remain determined to win the race. We must take advantage of our time. We must not spend our time in vain, we must have all that God wants to give us. But I tell you that before doing all this, Jacob had to fight, he had to struggle.
I want to highlight two characteristics of Jacob's struggle.
1. The desire that seeks God
Jacob has fought a battle in which he seeks to seize God and have all he has. It was the night when Jacob met the angel and he sought to know him. To know God is not intellectual. Jacob entered a terrible battle with the angel. It is a battle of intimacy with God, to know God, to possess Him. What is your desire to know God? One day Jesus told his disciples to ask because until then they did not ask for anything. What we are asking for is God Himself. The disciples had driven demons into the name of Jesus and the demons obeyed and the Lord Jesus said that until now they had not asked for anything.
We want to enter a new dimension so that when we come out extraordinary things will manifest themselves in our lives.
Psalms 118: 7: "The Lord is my help, and I rejoice at the sight of my enemies. "
Matthew 6:33: "Seek first the kingdom and righteousness of God; And all these things shall be given unto you. "
Often our struggles are related to things that God wants to give in surplus. Instead of fighting for God and his righteousness, we struggle for the superfluous. We have to evaluate our fighting. We must ask God if we are in the fight where he is waiting for us. Jacob had long struggled, but it was this fight with the angel that had changed his life.
If we struggle as Jacob did before, we will accumulate wealth but when the time comes, we will tremble like Jacob when he went to meet